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Whenever we put up information on alternative treatments that have not been properly/Scientifically tested, we receive a few angry emails.
They say" we are trying to prevent people with cancer from getting effective treatment".
That is really not what we wish to do.
What concerns us is that potential treatments, like these on this page, are often sold for a great deal of money. And people with cancer can be vulnerable. It is understandable that patients or relatives will try anything if they think it might work. And that people really do want to believe that they work. But some alternative 'therapies' are just money making businesses targeting people who are sick and very vulnerable.
Our message is
Be careful
Make sure you look into all the information that is available
Talk to your own cancer doctor before you buy

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Cordyceps Reduces Tumor Size in Cancer Patients

Several clinical studies have been conducted in China and Japan with cancer patients (References 1 and 2). The studies were done with CSE (Cordyceps sinensis mycelium, identical to the KALA Health Cordyceps), using a therapeutic dose of 6 grams per day (= 4 capsules twice daily). In one study with 50 lung cancer patients administered CSE in conjunction with chemotherapy, tumors reduced in size in 46% of patients. A study in cancer patients with various types of tumors found CSE (6 g/day for over 2 months) improved subjective symptoms in the majority of patients. White blood cell counts were maintained and tumor size was significantly reduced in about half of the patients. Researchers in Japan reported that CSE enhances the general reactivity of the immune system in individuals with cancer. To discover this, they subcutaneously injected mice with cancerous (lymphoma) cells and then orally administered CSE. This lead to a reduction of tumor size and prolongation of the host survival time. CSE also improved the antibody responses.


For thousands of years, Cordyceps has been highly valued in China as a tonic food and herbal medicine. Until recently, it was only available in nature as it grows in the body of a caterpillar. Thus, the fungus was rare, very expensive, and subject to contamination. Today, a potent strain of Cordyceps, CS-4, is grown in a liquid broth medium under sterile conditions, making it safe, affordable, and available for use as nutritional therapy for many conditions.

As with the other medicinal mushrooms, the anti-cancer effects of Cordyceps appear to come from its polysaccharides, as well as its sterols, lipids, nucleosides and especially in the de-oxy nucleosides, which have been found in no other source in nature. Many studies have shown this mushroom’s ability to stimulate and modulate the immune system and increase red blood cells. As an immune modulator and adaptogen, Cordyceps was shown to boost depressed immune function, but not enhance a normally functioning immune system to the same degree. In published research from China, Cordyceps was reported to have anti-tumor activity against lung cancer in both mice and humans.
In a number of human clinical trials and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cordyceps has been shown to improve liver, kidney, cardiovascular, and respiratory functioning. Since these organs and systems can be adversely affected by cancer and its treatments, Cordyceps can contribute to overall health, besides having anti-tumor effects.

Medicinal mushrooms help cancer patients

Mon 15 Aug 2005 12:29 pm CST

A major study conducted by Cancer Research UK shows that medicinal mushrooms are capable of reducing the debilitating effects of traditional chemo-therapeutic drugs. Studies show that a combination of Reishi and Cordyceps extracts had beneficial effects on the quality of life for some advanced cancer patients.

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy can damage or weaken a patient's immunological defenses. Cancer patients are in danger of infections that can invade their systems because the therapy designed to kill pathogenic cells also kills protective immune cells.

Active compounds in Reishi cause an increased response of the immune system to foreign cells, whether bacteria, viruses, or tumor cells. The author of the study said that "It was evident from clinical trials that Reishi extract significantly enhanced the immune systems of the elderly people taking it." Reishi is much more researched than Cordycps but Cancer Research UK says that "Cordyceps may be useful for cancer patients due to its enhancement of cell-mediated immunity, oxygen free radical scavenging, and support for cellular bioenergy systems."

Reishi has been the most used medicinal herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2000 years. It contains over 200 active ingredients and compounds that are the most biologically active obtainable from any play source.

Studies in Japan and Brazil suggest that regular consumption over prolonged periods reduces the levels of cancer incidence. Cancer Research UK also found that medicinal mushrooms can have a cancer preventative effect.

The ability of mushroom compounds to modulate so many immune cells may be due to their structural diversity and variability. Polysaccharides from medicinal mushrooms have the highest capacity for carrying biological information and the greatest potential for structural variability.


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Cancer cells hide after Chemotherapy and Radiation

After the initial doses of radiation and/or chemotherapy, cancer cells start hiding.
" They develop a slime coating, and they become like Stealth bombers, and they can hide from future doses of radiation and chemotherapy. This is why repeated dose of radiation and chemotherapy become less effective".Dr. John Maras, Nu-Gen Educational Library.

" The way to get rid of this "slime coating" is to use large doses of plant and animal enzymes- especially bromelain and pancreatin. This allows an 'access point' for the immune system to attack the cancer cells".....Dr. John Maras, Nu-Gen Educational Library

What doctors say about Chemo Therapy ?



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A Sad day for Alternative healing

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