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Whenever we put up information on alternative treatments that have not been properly/Scientifically tested, we receive a few angry emails.
They say" we are trying to prevent people with cancer from getting effective treatment".
That is really not what we wish to do.
What concerns us is that potential treatments, like these on this page, are often sold for a great deal of money. And people with cancer can be vulnerable. It is understandable that patients or relatives will try anything if they think it might work. And that people really do want to believe that they work. But some alternative 'therapies' are just money making businesses targeting people who are sick and very vulnerable.
Our message is
Be careful
Make sure you look into all the information that is available
Talk to your own cancer doctor before you buy

Modified Citrus Pectin.
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Life Force
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Inositol Hex
L- Arginine
Modified Citrus Pectin
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Theanine Serene
Thymus Extract
Tumeric Extract
Nutrient Preventive

Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP)--retards cancer growth and metastasis
Modified citrus pectin (MCP), also known as fractionated pectin, is a complex polysaccharide obtained from the peel and pulp of citrus fruits. Through pH and temperature modifications, the pectin is broken down into shorter, nonbranched, galactose-rich, carbohydrate chains. The shorter chains dissolve more readily in water, making them better absorbed than ordinary, long-chain pectin. The short polysaccharide units afford MCP its ability to access and bind tightly to galactose-binding lectins (galectins) on the surface of certain types of cancers. By binding to lectins, MCP is able to powerfully address the threat of metastasis (Strum et al. 1999).

In order for metastasis to occur, cancerous cells must first bind or clump together; galectin is thought responsible for much of cancer's metastatic potential by providing the binding site (Raz et al. 1987; Guess et al. 2003; Pienta et al. 1995). MCP appears small enough to access and bind tightly with galectins, inhibiting (or blocking) aggregation of tumor cells and adhesion to surrounding tissue (Kidd 1996). Deprived of the capacity to adhere, cancer cells fail to metastasize.

Men with prostate cancer who took 15 grams of MCP a day had a slowdown in the doubling time of their PSA levels. (Lengthening of doubling time represents a decrease in the rate of cancer growth.) Interestingly, rats injected with prostate adenocarcinoma and given MCP (in drinking water) showed a significant reduction in metastasis (compared to control animals), although the primary tumor was unaffected. According to Dr. Kenneth Pienta (leader of the Michigan Cancer Foundation), MCP may be the first oral method of preventing spontaneous prostate cancer metastasis (Pienta et al. 1995; Guess et al. 2003).

As with prostate adenocarcinoma, research shows that metastasis of breast cancer cell lines requires aggregation and adhesion of the cancerous cells to tissue endothelium in order for it to invade neighboring structures (Glinsky et al. 2000). To test the anti-adhesive properties of MCP, researchers evaluated (in an in vitro model) breast carcinoma cell lines MCF-7 and T-47D. The study concluded that MCP countered the adhesion of malignant cells to blood vessel endothelium and subsequently inhibited metastasis (Naik et al. 1995). MCP decreased metastasis of melanoma to the lung by more than 90% in laboratory animals (Platt et al. 1992).

Because MCP is a soluble fiber, no pattern of adverse reaction has been recorded in the scientific literature, apart from a self-limiting loose stool at high doses. MCP dosages are usually expressed in grams, with a typical adult dose ranging from 6-30 grams divided throughout the day. MCP’s apparent safety and proven antimetastatic action, and the lack of other proven therapies against metastasis appear to justify its inclusion in a comprehensive orthomolecular anticancer regimen (Kidd 1996). Pecta-Sol is the brand name of the original modified citrus pectin (MCP. The dosage for Pecta-Sol is about 15 grams a day.


Modified Citrus Pectin

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Cancer cells hide after Chemotherapy and Radiation

After the initial doses of radiation and/or chemotherapy, cancer cells start hiding.
" They develop a slime coating, and they become like Stealth bombers, and they can hide from future doses of radiation and chemotherapy. This is why repeated dose of radiation and chemotherapy become less effective".Dr. John Maras, Nu-Gen Educational Library.

" The way to get rid of this "slime coating" is to use large doses of plant and animal enzymes- especially bromelain and pancreatin. This allows an 'access point' for the immune system to attack the cancer cells".....Dr. John Maras, Nu-Gen Educational Library

What doctors say about Chemo Therapy ?




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A Sad day for Alternative healing

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