When we go to a medicine person or healer because we are
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When did you stop dancing?
When did you stop being enchanted by stories?
When did you begin finding discomfort in the sweet territory of silence?".....
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Whenever we put up information on alternative treatments that have not been properly/Scientifically tested, we receive a few angry emails. They say" we are trying to prevent people with Dis-ease from getting effective treatment". That is really not what we wish to do.
What concerns us is that potential treatments, like these on the following pages, ar eeither ignored or ridiculed by conventional health ,and often sold for a great deal of money. People with Dis Ease can be vulnerable. It is understandable that patients or relatives will try anything if they think it might work. And that people really do want to believe that they work..
Our message is Be careful, Make sure you look into all the information that is available
Talk to your doctor before you consider any mentioned protoco

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"A revolutionary idea is often overlooked in the beginning.
Then it is derided, and finally efforts are made to stamp it out -
but in the end, it prevails despite everything.

(based on: Mahatma Ghandi)

It is important to measure the successes or losses in regard to treatment-associated tumor response. Evaluating tumor markers in the blood or tumor imagery provides a basis for calculating regression of the disease. In addition, tumor markers provide direction for introducing other therapies if failures are evidenced.

Table 1: Type of Cancers and the Tumor Marker Used for Assessment
Type of Cancer Tumor Marker Blood Test
Ovarian cancer CA 125, CK-BB
Prostate cancer PSA, PAP, prolactin, testosterone
Breast cancer CA 27.29, CEA, alkaline phosphatase, and prolactin (or CA 15-3 rather than the CA 27.29)
Colon, rectum, liver, stomach, and other organ cancers CEA, CA 19-9, AFP, TPS, and GGTP
Pancreatic cancer CA 19.9, CEA, and GGTP
Leukemia, lymphoma, and Hodgkin's disease LDH, CBC with differential, immune cell differentiation and leukemia profile

It is also important to evaluate the effectiveness of immune-boosting therapies and guard against anemia and therapeutic toxicities. At a minimum, a monthly complete blood chemistry (CBC) test that includes assessment of hematocrit, hemoglobin, and liver and kidney function should be done in all cancer patients undergoing treatment.

What is lost in the unemotional statistic of 500,000 cancer deaths per year is how those people died. Dr. Whitaker goes on to say more about the treatment of cancer: In my opinion, conventional cancer therapy is so toxic and dehumanizing that I fear it far more than I fear death from cancer. We know that conventional therapy doesn't work -- if it did, you would not fear cancer any more than you fear pneumonia. It is the utter lack of certainty as to the outcome of conventional treatment that virtually screams for more freedom of choice in the area of cancer therapy. Yet most so-called alternative therapies regardless of potential or proven benefit, are outlawed, which forces patients to submit to the failures that we know don't work, because there's no other choice.

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War on Cancer
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Rife machines

MWO multi wave oscillator
Bob Beck protocol
Color Therapy, or Color Healing

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"You cannot poison your body into health with drugs, chemo or radiation. The holistic approach treats the whole animal, ignites the body's internal healing force and stimulates the body's natural abilities to heal itself. "Health can only be achieved with healthful living" T.C.Fry

The body has the inherent ability to establish, maintain and restore health. The physician's role is to facilitate and augment this process, to act to identify and remove obstacles to health and recovery.

Alternative cancer treatments are being utilized by millions of patients, either as sole therapy, or as an adjunct to traditional therapies.


Patients are seeking alternative cancer treatments at just about every stage of their disease, from initial diagnosis to late stage illness. Several proposed alternative cancer treatment protocols are presented on this site. Contact me if you need help.

"The only real defense against cancer is the immune system. Everyone gets cancer every day but if the immune system is where it should be those cancer cells are eliminated and we never know it. Once a person has developed cancer, even though treatments get it into remission, it will recur again unless the body conditions that allowed it to develop in the first place are corrected." Al Carter

The holistic approach treats the whole person, ignites the body's internal healing force and stimulates the body's natural abilities to heal itself.


Is this a Cure???

In 1988, Cecil’s Textbook of Medicine listed the most common cancers that responded well to chemotherapy:

Type of Cancer

Percent 5 Year Disease-free Survival

Choriocarcinoma (low-risk patients)


Burkitt's Lymphoma (Stage I)


Acute lymphocytic leukemia


Hodgkin's disease (stage III and IV)


Diffuse histiocytic lymphoma


Nodular mixed lymphoma


Testicular carcinoma (stage II-III)


Childhood sarcomas (w/ radiation & surgery)


Childhood lymphomas


Since then, some of these figures have improved. In fact, seminoma (testicular carcinoma originally, but now cancer of the seminal glands, hence seminoma), the one that Lance Armstrong beat, has an estimated 95% survival rate. Lance Armstrong is the greatest promotion the Pharmaceutical Industry has ever enjoyed.

However, and this is an important HOWEVER, Dr Ulrich Abel, who poured over thousands and thousands of cancer studies, published his shocking report in 1990 stating quite succinctly that chemotherapy has done nothing for 80% of all cancers; that 80% of chemotherapy administered was absolutely worthless.

His report, published in Lancet, August of 1991, described chemotherapy as a “scientific wasteland” and that neither physician nor patient were willing to give it up even though there was no scientific evidence that it worked.

Success of most chemotherapies is appalling…There is no scientific evidence for its ability to extend in any appreciable way the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancer… Chemotherapy for malignancies too advanced for surgery, which accounts for 80% of all cancers, is a scientific wasteland [Dr Uhlrich Abel, Stuttgart, 1990]

Dr Abel was immediately attacked by the cancer industry. They could not attack his science, so they attacked his character. This is a common tactic when the accused has science on his/her side.


If a person dies during a chemotherapy study, that information is NOT included in the write up because the patient did NOT complete the study.

When you are diagnosed with cancer, you are suddenly worth $300,000.00 to the cancer industry.

There are more and more reports by establishment oncologists doubting the value of chemotherapy, even to the point of rejecting it outright. One of these, cancer biostatistician Dr. Ulrich Abel, of Heidelberg, Germany, issued a monograph titled Chemotherapy of Advanced Epithelial Cancer in 1990. (See Healing Journal, No. 1-2, Vol.7 of the Gerson Institute.) Epithelial cancers comprise the most common forms of adenocarcinoma: lung, breast, prostate, colon, etc. After ten years as a statistician in clinical oncology, Abel became increasingly uneasy. "A sober and unprejudiced analysis of the literature," he wrote, "has rarely revealed any therapeutic success by the regimens in question in treating advanced epithelial cancer." While chemotherapy is being used more and more extensively, more than a million people die worldwide of these cancers annually - and a majority have received some form of chemotherapy before dying. Abel further concluded, after polling hundreds of cancer doctors, "The personal view of many oncologists seems to be in striking contrast to communications intended for the public." Abel cited studies that have shown "that many oncologists would not take chemotherapy themselves if they had cancer." (The Cancer Chronicles, December, 1990.) "Even though toxic drugs often do effect a response, a partial or complete shrinkage of the tumor, this reduction does not prolong expected survival," Abel finds. "Sometimes, in fact, the cancer returns more aggressively than before, since the chemo fosters the growth of resistant cell lines." Besides, the chemo has severely damaged the body's own defenses, the immune system and often the kidneys as well as the liver.

In an especially dramatic table, Dr. Abel displays the results of chemotherapy in patients with various types of cancers, as the improvement of survival rates, compared to untreated patients. This table shows:

In colorectal cancer: no evidence survival is improved.
Gastric cancer: no clear evidence.
Pancreatic cancer: Study completely negative. Longer survival in control (untreated) group.[emphasis mine:rsc]
Bladder: no clinical trial done.
Breast cancer: No direct evidence that chemotherapy prolongs survival; its use is "ethically questionable." (That is particularly newsworthy, since all breast cancer patients, before or after surgery, are given chemotherapy drugs.)
Ovarian cancer: no direct evidence.
Cervix and uterus: No improved survival.
Head and neck: no survival benefit but occasional shrinkage of tumors.
More recently, the Nov. 17, 1994 Wall Street Journal, in a front page article on political pressure being exerted for insurance companies to pay for bone marrow transplants in advanced breast cancer, experts give a totally negative report on this approach. The procedure, called ABMT (Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant) involves temporarily removing some of the patient's bone marrow, applying a potentially lethal dose of chemotherapy, then returning the marrow to the patient's body. The cost of this procedure is in excess of $100,000.00 .

The University of Colorado's Dr. Jones, continues the Journal, claims that, with conventional chemotherapy, not more than 2% of patients with spreading breast cancer get a positive response. A non-profit independent technology assessment agency, the Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI), says that for the average woman with the most advanced form of breast cancer, the high dose ABMT procedure is not only worthless, but also likely to shorten her life. This report by the ECRI is based on an analysis of 40 studies of ABMT and similar procedures involving a total of 1,017 patients, and 61 studies covering 4,852 patients who had conventional chemotherapy Dr. Nelson Erlick, the project's lead analyst, concluded that "many patients are led to believe that this (ABMT) is a successful therapy. We found no evidence whatsoever that it provides any benefit."

Since the Gerson Therapy is often described by orthodox oncologists as 'quackery', we'd like our readers to consider this: If quackery describes an expensive treatment that the technician knows ahead of time to be ineffective (or even harmful), what is ABMT (bone marrow transplant)? Yet Health Plan providers are being ordered to pay for it by the Office of Personnel Management, a federal agency.

Taken from: http://gerson.org/chemo101.html:

What doctors say about Chemo Therapy ?

To date, not a single non-toxic cancer drug has been approved by the FDA.
[UPDATE: Because the FDA and Texas Board of Medical Examiners were unable to shut down Dr Burzynski's office and end his research, the FDA was cornered, and consented to allowed Dr Burzynski to conduct Phase II Trials on his therapy, antineoplastons. A drug, Buphenyl, that Dr Burzynski developed that is non toxic and causes the liver to create antineoplastons, has been approved and is now available through prescription.]

As Frank Wiewel tells people, "Ask your oncologist for a guarantee. See what he says."

Considering the six minutes HMOs schedule you to meet with your physician along with the studies showing that your physician spends 1.3 minutes answering your questions, pondering your options will have to take place outside your doctor’s office.

This is one reason why we publish articles like these. You need a second opinion.


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Every patient has his/her own doctor inside.
They come to us without knowing this.
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Professor George Mathe, a cancer specialist, said in " Medicines Nouvelles," published in Paris, in March 1989, "If I contracted cancer, I would never go to a standard cancer treatment center. Cancer victims who live far from such centers have a chance."


"The life of the individual has meaning only in so far as it aids in making the life of every living thing nobler and more beautiful."
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"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
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A Sad day for Alternative healing


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