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"Nearly everything that goes wrong with us, with the exception of trauma - i.e. broken bones etc., can be traced directly to an immune system failure"  Rob Robertson, M.D.

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Transfer Factor Plus Offers Unprecedented Immune Boosting Ability
Tests from The Institute of Longevity Medicine - Darryl See, M.D.

Nutraceuticals Tested    Percent (%) Rise in NK Cell Activity Over Baseline


Transfer Factor Plus™ is 5 times more effective in creating NK cell activity than IP6 - which was the highest of the previously tested group of 196 Nutraceuticals.


Aloe Vera 15%
Bovine Colostrum 23%  
Cordyceps Formula 28%    
Shitake Mushroom 42%      
Echinacea 43%      
IP6 49%        
Transfer Factor 103%              
Transfer Factor Plus 248%                            


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Transfer Factor™ clinical studies by pediatrician 
David Markowitz, M.D. shows
84% reduction of antibiotics 
in control group of children using Transfer Factor

Lab Tests from The Institute of Longevity Medicine - see Chart
Clinical report by Oncologist / OBGYN  Duane Townsend, M.D.


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What is Transfer Factor?   Transfer factor is an all natural substance that works by "teaching" your own immune system to identify infectious agents that attack your body every day.

Where does Transfer Factor come from?   Transfer factors are very small components naturally found in colostrum, a baby’s first milk from its mother.  Through a special, patented (licensed to 4Life) extraction process, we are now able to collect powerful transfer factor molecules from the cow's first milk, dry them, and then encapsulate them for human consumption. This patented process is very important and sets 4Life™ Transfer Factor™ apart from any other product.  The Transfer Factor™ collected from this process is a purified extract containing transfer factor molecules.

How does Transfer Factor work?  Transfer factor provides "immune data" collected from the mother’s own immune system and then passed on to her baby.  The mother transfers valuable immunity information to be used by the new life to assist in staving off infection and disease.  These powerful immunity agents have been identified and are called transfer factors.  To keep your body healthy, your immune system must do three very important things each time your body comes in contact with a pathogen:  First it must first recognize the pathogen as a threat to the body; second, it must then attack and kill off the threat; and third, it must remember that pathogen so that your body can rid itself quickly of it the next time it is attacked. 

It is the identification process of the immune system that is so critical.  If your body can identify a pathogen quickly, it can mount a response against it quickly.  By transferring information from cell to cell, transfer factors serve as "teachers" of new cells, thereby ensuring a stronger immune system capable of withstanding our often harsh environment.

Who can take Transfer Factor? 4Life™ patented Transfer Factor ™ is safe and effective for men, women and children of all ages.  Through our unique extraction process, lactose and the large milk proteins (proteins that cause milk allergies) are removed. 4Life™ Transfer Factor™ is produced from the highest quality milk-producing herds in the United States and is strictly controlled to ensure the highest quality and safety.

Transfer factors have been successfully used to treat the following diseases: viral, fungal, parasitic, malignant diseases, neurological, and autoimmune.  See "Research".

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"Transfer factors will become the major direction of medicine."  Dr. Robert Robertson, M.D.

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