If you are not sure if you have cancer, or want to monitor it's progress then consider the following tests:

AMAS: This test measures all types of cancers.  It stands for Anti-malignancy antibodies in serum.

BRIGHTFIELD: A simple blood test not to be confused with darkfield or live cell analysis, but probably done by the same practitioner.  This test measures the level of free radicals in the body.  Cancer produces great quantities of free radicals.   To do this test yourself, get a box of lancets from a pharmacy.  Ask for the kind used for diabetic blood tests.  You will also need some clear rectangular microscope slides (not cover slips).  You can get them from any science supply catalog.  Make sure there is no dust on the slide, and if you tend to build up static electricity in your house, discharge yourself before doing this test by touching something metal. 

    Now, your finger must be warm before you do this test, if you have cold hands rub them together for a few minutes first.  Then, on one of your fingers, (I prefer the pinky finger or a toe) give a quick jab.  The best location is off center.  In the center it can really sting as there are a lot of nerve endings, and too much to one side, and the finger nail can interfere with the reading.  Now, a drop will form, if not squeeze a drop of blood out.  (It is acceptable to squeeze the finger for this kind of test.)  It should form a ball.  If is watery, then the person is is ill. Point the drop straight up and let it dry for 20 seconds, then tap the microscope slide to the blood drop five times on five different places on the slide.  The slide must make contact with the finger, not just the blood.  Keep the slide flat until dry (about 5 or 10 minutes).   

    A 20X magnification will suffice.  Even a powerful magnifier glass can work.  Put a white background behind the slide and look at it.  The more white spots on the drop, and the larger those spots, the more serious the condition.

    In the first slide below, there are no spots, it is blood from a healthy client.  The second slide shows the blood from a person with allergies, lots of white spots, but they are all small.  Not a deep problem.  The third slide shows the blood of a smoker, the white spots are larger, this person is in the process of developing lung problems.  The last slide shows very large with spots that take up 50% of the field.  This is stage 4 cancer. 

    Healthy     Stressed     Smoker's    Cancer


  The five drops taken represent five layers of the body, the first drop is superficial, and the last drop is deep internal.  A bad first drop with okay drops 2 to 5 could be a cold.  If the problem goes to the second or third drop, the problem is serious.  You may notice that spirulina and heavy cream help improve these findings, as they are both powerful antioxidants.  

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    There is a way to diagnosis what part of the body is affected by the placement of the white spots.  This map is a rough approximation.  The most difficult areas to diagnose are the Liver, Pancreas and Kidneys.  You may find a dark circle in the center of the last few drops.  This is a sign of a dirty colon.  You may also find that the black lines criss-crossing the blood drop make dark raised X's in certain locations.  This is a sign for parasites or an irritated mucous membrane.  For more detailed information on how to interpret this test, feel free to call us.


BIOLOGICAL TERRAIN ASSESSMENT: You can, with a modest investment, measure the health of your body fluids.  It has been proven that cancer only forms when the body fluids reach a certain level of imbalance.        

    Saliva is measured to give us an understanding of the condition of the lymphatic system since saliva is identical to lymphatic fluid.  Urine is measured to give us an understanding of the condition of the connective tissue, since the connective tissue dumps it's toxins into the urine.   

    To do this test yourself, you will need ph paper (or a ph meter) and conductivity meter (flat probe electrode is preferable, Hanna instruments makes this type).  Remember that conductivity is the inverse of resistivity.  These instruments will not allow for the testing of blood, or redox values.

Healthy values

Cancer Values

  PH R Redox  Ph  R Redox 


7.1 210 22 7.6 140 28
Urine 6.8 30 24 5.1 90 19
Saliva 6.5 140 22 7.2 230 29

                When these values are printed out, they will usually be represented on a graph (see below) where R is the z-axis.

An in depth explanation of these values is outside of the scope of this page, but may be added later if there is enough interest.

ENZYME LOADING: When enzyme levels fall in the body three things may happen. The subject may experience gas, belching, pyorrhea (pus from the gums), and difficulty focusing the eyes (The small muscles of the eyes weaken when protein levels fall even slightly). If any of these symptoms are present it may be a pre-indicator. Also, if the ingestion of high doses of enzymes on an empty stomach causes nausea, Dr. Kelly believes that this is the body digesting a tumor somewhere. The information on this page is not meant to replace medical advice but it is hoped that it may help you somewhat in your search for better health.