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Johanna Brandt / Fred Wortman Grape Cure For Cancer.

How It Works
Purple (Concord) grapes (with their skin and seeds) contain several nutrients that are known to kill cancer cells. These kinds of grapes also contain nutrients to stop the spread of cancer. They also help detoxify the body.

(Note to diabetics: Obviously this diet is not appropriate for diabetics, however, most of the cancer treatment plans I write about are acceptable for diabetics. If you have questions, discuss the ingredients and diet in these treatment plans with the medical doctor who treats your diabetes. In any case, you will always need to monitor your insulin.)

The Johanna Brandt Grape Diet
This diet was developed by Johanna Brandt, who was a South African immigrant to America. She spent many years experimenting with fasting and diets before she found her grape cure. Her book on the grape cure was published in the 1920s. Much has been learned since the 1920s and many things have changed. It would not be advisable to read her book and follow it without taking into account what has been learned and what has changed since she wrote the book.

The original diet involves 12 hours of fasting every day, followed by 12 hours where you consume absolutely nothing except grapes (and/or grape juice). The consumption of the grapes is spread out over the 12 hours, not just at meal times. In other words, they are consumed slowly over many hours, not quickly over two or three short bursts. After being on this phase of the diet for several weeks there were other phases, but the first phase is of most interest here.

In this context the term "fasting" allows the consumption of "natural water" during the "fast" (see my definition in the tutorial) and/or "ionized water." It would be good to mix a little mineral water in with either of these types of water in order to get needed trace elements. All of this clarification on water was not in her original diet, but modern technology (e.g. the addition of chlorine and fluoride to our water supplies) has necessitated its inclusion. Chlorine is especially bad for this diet!

In the context of the Brandt Diet, the fasting is only for 12 hours at a time. The fasting obviously does not starve the cancer cells to death, however, the fasting does have a significant purpose. The fasting makes the cells hungry, and when the cells do get food, what they get is grape juice, which contains several major cancer killing nutrients, such as:
ellagic acid,
oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) or procyanidolic oligomers (PCO), originally called: pycnogenol (seeds),
resveratrol (skin coloring of purple grapes),
laetrile (amygdalin or Vitamin B17) (seeds)
caffeic acid and/or ferulic acid (together they kill cancer cells), and
gallic acid!

That is an incredible arsenal!

In other words, the fasting is used to "trick" the cancer cells into consuming the first thing that comes along. The grapes become a great "transport agent" for getting the poisons into the cancer cells, meaning the grape juice carries the cancer killing nutrients into the cancer cells as they feed on the grape juice!

Cancer cells thrive on sugar and grape juice is virtually pure "sugar." The fast makes the cells hungry and when the grape juice becomes available, the cancer cells gobble up the sugar in the grapes or grape juice. But as the cells are ingesting the juice they are also consuming things that are poisonous to them. Think of putting poison in chocolate and giving it to a hungry child. That is exactly what fasting and grape juice do to a cancer cell.

Cancer cells eat many times more of the glucose and other sugars than a regular cell does, plus it eats far more minerals and some other nutrients than a regular cell. Thus, the combination of consuming far more glucose, minerals and other nutrients, plus the fasting, makes the purple grapes an exceptional cancer-fighting food. The fasting is absolutely critical to this diet, and should not be taken lightly!

In fact the great secret to the grape cure is that cancer cells are very inefficient at processing glucose and other sugars. Cancer cells consume about 15 times more glucose and other sugars than regular cells. The 1931 Nobel Prize in medicine given to Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg was awarded for this discovery. This means a grape cure diet can get several times more of certain cancer-killing nutrients into the cancer cells than normal cells.

To insure the patient gets all of the main killer nutrients, the grape juice should include crushed seeds (in order to get the OPCs) and the nutrients from the purple skins (to get the critical resveratrol). The purple color, such as in concord purple grapes, has a critical cancer killing nutrient not found in other grapes. Back when she wrote her book, in the 1920s, the advantage of purple grapes was not known. Also, if you eat or process whole grapes, you should buy grapes with the seeds, not seedless grapes. This is another thing that Johanna Brandt could not have known about in the 1920s. The darker the purple grapes the better. (Note: Because purple grapes and red grapes are so frequently confused with each other, it is not clear exactly how good red grapes are. This is why you should look for the word "concord" on the package, although there are purple grapes other than concord grapes that are just as good.)

Warnings - Heed Carefully
As I mentioned above, much has changed since Johanna Brandt developed her grape cure. Unfortunately, one of those things is the way water is processed and another of those things is the way food is processed.

A special word of warning about chlorine. If you buy premixed grape juice, you need to make sure it did not have any tap water mixed in with the grape juice. Assume it does and don't buy it! I would not use any premixed grape juice unless the label specifically mentions they did not use tap water or filtered water. Even some organic grape juice may have had tap water added to it. Even though the chlorine may be dissolved by the time you buy it, the fact that the chlorine existed when the grape juice was mixed with the water, would have caused severe damage to the nutrients at that time. This damage cannot be reversed.

Another problem with mixed grape juice, even organic, is that it is generally required to be pasteurized. Pasteurization destroys an unknown number of nutrients in the grape juice and could neutralize a significant portion of the nutrients in the grape juice. Again, I emphasize, avoid premixed grape juice.

Unfortunately, most, if not all, frozen grape juice is also pasteurized. Frozen grape juice also may have a small amount of tap water added to it. Some organic grape juices are processed with spring water, but even these may be pasteurized.

This discussion on food processing, which largely applies to organic foods also, leads to the conclusion that only fresh purple grapes, totally unprocessed, qualify for this diet. But then you have the problem of pesticides, and a lot of grapes and grape juice are in this diet.

The only way to guarantee you are getting all of the nutrients in the grapes is to make your own "grape mush" by using organic whole purple grapes and by processing them yourself into grape mush. Use a food processor, not a juicer (because of the nutrients in the seeds, which a juicer would not be able to extract). "Organic" means there are no pesticides and that there are more trace elements and other nutrients from the soil.

Now, being realistic, such a mush is not practical for most people for a number of reasons. Thus, you must do the best you can. First, avoid premixed purple grape juice. Frozen is better because it has had much less tap water mixed in with it, or better yet if the juice is organic it may have had spring water mixed in.


I must emphasize, no matter what kind of frozen grape juice you can find, mix it with "natural water." The chlorine issue is so critical for certain nutrients in grape juice, that I would not even mix ionized water with the grape juice. I would drink ionized water during the 12 hours of fasting, and use natural water to mix with the grape juice and to drink during the 12 hours you are drinking the grape juice!

The Brandt Diet is an excellent diet, however, because grapes do not contain all of the amino acids, and other key nutrients, the Brandt Diet should not be used for more than 2 consecutive weeks at a time, except in extreme cases. I say that knowing that some cancer diets include 42 day fasts (such as the Breuss diet) and other cancer diets include fasts of even longer. But you must realize that these "fasts" include the consumption of a small amount of highly nutritious foods or drinks. A "fast" in the natural food world includes natural water and small amounts of food.

After two weeks on the Brandt diet, highly nutritious foods can be consumed for a few days and then the Brandt diet can be resumed for two more weeks. This back-and-forth can continue indefinitely. This will be described in more detail below in the "Combination Diets."

I quote from her book:

"It is safe to say that the first seven to ten days on grapes only would be required to clear the stomach and bowels of their ancient accumulations. And it is during this period that distressing symptoms often appear. Nature works thoroughly. She does not build on a rotten foundation. The purification of every part of the body must be complete before new tissue can be built." page 47
Also, a person on the Brandt diet will probably lose significant weight during the first few weeks. I mention this because a person who begins this diet at 120 pounds or less, may need to watch their weight closely in order to keep from getting too low in weight. To keep their weight up, they might want to favor the Wortman Diet (to be discussed next). During the 8 hours they can eat on the Wortman diet, they can make sure they eat enough solid foods to keep their weight from dropping too much.

Similar custom modifications can be made to address any other potential health problem a person might have. The Wortman Diet allows a great deal of individual flexibility to deal with specific issues.

Wortman Grape Diet
Since the Brandt Diet should not be gone on for more than two weeks at a time (well, it can, but it should not last more than two weeks at a time except in extreme cases), an alternative diet must be found for the one week between the two week stints on the Brandt Diet. It just so happens, that a modification or synthesis of the Brandt Diet is the perfect diet for this situation. That is the Wortman Diet.

There is no cancer treatment known to mankind that is simpler, cheaper and less toxic than this treatment plan! It is almost as simple as replacing your breakfast with grape juice. However, it is not as powerful as the Brandt Diet. The article I quote below is so easy to understand, I will let it speak for itself. Note that Mr. Wortman synthesized the Brandt Diet and came up with a much simpler plan.

Here is the article taken from the internet:

The Grape Cancer Cure
by J. F. Goodavage

When Fred Wortman of Albany, Georgia, developed an inoperable malignancy of the intestine, he faced the prospect of long treatments with radiation "therapy". "The doctors," Mr. Wortman said, "refused to operate when they discovered the condition of my bank balance."

Being a wide reader, he remembered a simple remedy for cancer that was given in a book by a 'Mrs. Brandt', and looked it up. It was rather involved and cumbersome to follow, so he reduced it to its essentials, took the "cure" and was completely cancer free within a month. Wortman then had his experience published in "The Independent" and received hundreds of replies. Over 200 cancer sufferers reported complete recovery.

The grape treatment cured lung cancer in two weeks, he reported. Cancer of the prostate took a little longer - about a month. Only four cases of leukemia (cancer of the blood) were treated, but the judicious usage of grape juice cured them all.

Start the treatment like this:

Begin with a 24 oz. bottle of (dark concord) grape juice the first thing in the morning. Take a couple of swallows every 10 or 15 minutes (Don't gulp it down all at once). Do not eat until Noon.

After 12 o'clock, live the rest of the day normally, but do not eat anything after 8 o'clock in the seems to carry off the curative agent in the grape juice, which may be magnesium (sic), so stick to the fast between 8 P.M. and Noon the following day.

Keep this up every day for 2 weeks to one month.

Krebiozen is fine, but it racks up only about 80% cures, and is no longer available due to the federal injunction suit, the F.D.A., the A.M.A., etc. Ditto "Mucorihicin", the 87% effective cancer treatment from Pittsburgh.

The dark concord grape juice treatment is reported to be nearly 100% effective.

J. F. Goodavage Whitefield, Maine 04362

Whereas Brandt claimed a 100% cure rate of exclusively terminal cancer patients (all given up on by the medical community of the 1920s and I believe they were using chemo at that time since it was invented in 1909), Wortman claims a "nearly 100%" cure rate of cancer patients in undefined condition. Whatever the actual cure rate was, do not forget that the Brandt Diet is still the more potent of the two diets.

There are two ways to approach the Wortman Diet. It is important to pay attention to Option #2, because it is probably the preferred way of taking grapes and grape juice, even while you are on the Brandt Diet:

Option #1
The diet exactly as described above, except that you should be very careful what you eat and drink between noon and 8:00 PM. More will be said about that in a moment. Ionized water can be consumed at any time except between 8:00 AM and noon. This option takes full advantage of the fasting, but not full advantage of the grapes. Natural water should be mixed with the frozen grape juice.

Option #2 - A Slight Modification to Option #1
This is exactly the same as Option #1, except for the grape juice itself. This option uses "grape mush" instead of grape juice. The "grape mush" is a combination of whole raw grapes, with skin and seeds, preferably organic, and frozen grape juice mixed with natural water. The total volume of the mush should be about 28 ounces. At least half of that volume should come from the whole raw grapes, but all of it can come from the whole raw grapes!

If you do not want to eat whole grapes, with their seeds and skin, you can purchase a good quality food processor or buy an inexpensive hand-cranked wheat grinder to grind the seeds. The reason for this is obvious - you are guaranteed to get all of the nutrients in the skins and seeds. A juicer should not be used, because you need everything you can get out of the seeds and skins.

The 28 ounces should be consumed slowly over the 4 hours you are eating the grape mush. If you do not drink it slowly, you will almost certainly get nauseous. Another thing that may help to avoid nausea is to drink natural water just before, during, and just after drinking the grape mush.

(Note: If you cannot get purple grapes, with their seeds and skin, while you are waiting to find the purple grapes, the next best choice is black grapes, with seeds and skin, followed by red grapes, with their seeds and skin.)

As I state in the tutorial, you should be very careful about what you eat, and do not eat, on any cancer diet. Read the tutorial, the "Ten Commandments of an Alternative Cancer Treatment Program," on my main page, and the "Raw Food" treatment program for more information about what you can and cannot eat during the 8 hours you are allowed to eat on the Wortman program. Paying attention to what you eat will make this diet far more effective.

As one final note, it would be very, very helpful to mix several ounces of high quality mineral water in with the "mush" (in place of several ounces of natural water) if you use frozen grape juice, or to simply drink several ounces of high quality mineral water if you use all whole grapes. This will add critical trace elements or trace minerals, even if you are able to get organic grapes and grape juice.

Both Option #1 and Option #2 will get the major nutrients that kill cancer into the cancer cells, but the second option is better than the first because it includes the entire grape for at least half of the mush.

If you plan on going on the Brandt diet for more than two weeks, you should consider a diet that is a combination of the Brandt diet and the Wortman diet. In fact it is these combination diets, discussed below, that are actually recommended.

If you are on the Wortman diet (i.e. you are on a week where the Wortman diet is being used), you can make one or two mushes per day (i.e. you can make a single or double size mush once a day). If you are on the Brandt diet that week, you can make between three and five mushes a day (ditto, one really big mush).

Also, "concord" grapes are not the only kind of purple grapes. In fact they may not even be the best purple grape from a nutrition standpoint. I mention concord grapes because they are the easiest to obtain and are probably the cheapest. Now let's talk about the combination diets with these things in mind.

Combination Diet #1
This diet is to go on the Johanna Brandt diet for two weeks at a time (or one week if you prefer), using either nothing but whole grapes or the grape mush, and then go on the Wortman Diet, Option #2, for one week. During the eight hours you can eat on the Wortman diet go on a laetrile therapy diet (see the laetrile section), with the Binzel supplements and the grape cure supplements below (avoid duplication). These two diets are then alternated back-and-forth indefinitely (two weeks on Brandt, one week on Wortman for each three week "cycle"). (Note: to supercharge this diet, daily add one quart of carrot juice, mixed with some beet juice, beetroot juice, and cabbage juice. You will still have a liquid diet, but will get more nutrients!)

Combination Diet #2
This diet is specifically designed for those who wish to go on a laetrile diet. It is to go on the Wortman Diet indefinitely (i.e. there is no Brandt diet involved), but during the eight hours you can eat, go on a strict laetrile diet, using both the supplements for the laetrile diet and the supplements for the grape cure diets below (of course avoid duplication). The laetrile diet should NOT be gone on by itself. It should be supercharged by using a shotgun approach that includes the many discoveries made since the laetrile diet was originally devised many years ago. See the laetrile section for more information.
While both combination diets focus on a laetrile diet during the hours a person can eat, in fact there are several different cancer diets that can be used instead of the laetrile diet. For example, the Raw Food diet (which has carrot juice - beta carotene - as its main ingredient), the Kelley metabolic diet, the Jon Barron diet, etc., are equally as good as the laetrile diet. The food diet portion of all of these treatment plans, even the laetrile and Kelley diet, should be based on the Raw Food diet. They should be modified Raw Food diets, modified for the specific nutrients or enzymes desired.

Nutrients With EVERY Grape Cure Diet:
I would consider several enhancements to any of the grape cure diets. When possible, these supplements should be purchased as a powder, crystal or in liquid form and taken between noon and 8:00 PM (even when on the Brandt diet!). This means there is always at least four hours a day (between 8:00 AM and noon), where only grape mush or grapes are consumed, on any of these diets. Here are the nutrients:

First, grape seed extract, check ingredients to get the most OPCs or PCOs (Do not take if you have a blood clotting disorder).
Second, grape skin extract, check ingredients to get the most resveratrol.
Third, quercetin, which is now available as a supplement.
Fourth, Vitamin C, 12-15 grams of Vitamin C spread out during the day (build up to this amount over two weeks, do NOT start out at 12-15 grams!).
Fifth, cayenne pepper (there are several kinds), the hotter and as close to raw as you can get.
Sixth, niacin, one gram of niacin.

Both cayenne pepper and niacin increase blood flow, which helps get the grape juice to the cancer cells. Cancer cells frequently thrive in areas where circulation is poor. During the first week you may need to gradually build up to the recommended dosage of niacin. It is poor circulation that drives the use of ionized water during the 12 hours of fasting and the use of cayenne pepper and niacin during the afternoon.

Finally, five more items: (Alpha) Lipoic Acid, Vitamin E (1,000 I.U.), Vitamin A, Selenium and zinc.

In each case take the dosage mentioned above or the maximum dosage stated on the bottle.

According to Walter Last (Australia), "thousands of former cancer victims have testified as to the effectiveness of her [the Brandt] method. Because it is now so difficult to obtain unsprayed grapes, commercially sprayed grapes have sometimes been used after thorough washing in warm soapy water and careful rinsing." Of course organic grapes are best.

I should mention that it has only been recently that scientists have identified purple concord grapes, with their seeds and skins, as being the best grape source for a cancer treatment. Since this has been a recent discovery, older negative comments about the grape cure may have been based on using the wrong type of grapes, or grapes without skins, or seedless grapes, or water with chlorine was used, or the people did not fast properly, etc. Also, Grape Seed Extract, Grape Skin Extract and Quercetin are fairly recent additions to the grape cure arsenal. The critics of alternative medicine frequently criticize a product for not working that was used incorrectly or without the aid of newer information.

Supercharging This Treatment
This treatment is already supercharged, but since Vitamin C is already in this diet, it would be easy to add L-Proline, L-Lysine and Green Tea extract to add the features of Dr. Rath's Cellular Solutions. Essiac tea could also be added between noon to 8:00 PM.
If you want to really supercharge this diet, go on the Combination Diet #1, and whichever week you are on, during one hour of the day (for example, between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM), take the nutrients (mainly flaxseed oil and cottage cheese) in the Budwig diet. MSM should definitely be added to this diet.

(Note: You might want to read the article on "The Hospice Cancer Diet - For Advanced Terminal Cancer Patients." This diet is a powerful modification of the Combination Diet #1 and the "Ten Commandments of an Alternative Cancer Treatment Program." Even though this diet may be too harsh for you, it may give you some ideas you can incorporate into your own diet.)

Additional Notes
Because of the weeks that a person can only eat grape mush, a great deal of family support will be needed for anyone on this diet. It may be necessary for someone to call the person on this diet every hour or so. Combination Diet #1 is clearly the best alternative, but it requires a very motivated person and a lot of external support! Also, the Jon Barron diet, the Hulda Clark diet, the Metabolic diet, the Raw Food diet or the Macrobiotic diet can be used in place of the laetrile diet. The important thing is to not eat the highly processed foods we normally eat and to focus only on foods that are fighting the cancer.

The Hospice Cancer Diet

As you might suspect, the Wortman Grape Cure Diet (which is a modification of the Brandt Grape Cure) is the structural foundation of this diet. While the Combination Diet #1 (see the Grape Cure section) is a three-week cycle (two weeks on the Brandt Grape Cure and one week on the Wortman Grape Cure), which is repeated over and over, this is a four-week cycle. This four-week cycle is repeated over and over until the patient is in complete remission (i.e. all symptoms of cancer are gone, or in this case, it generally means several weeks after the symptoms are gone). Then the person can go on a "Phase Two" program (see the tutorial linked to at the top of this page).

First, I will discuss the first three weeks of the four-week cycle. Then I will discuss the fourth week of the four-week cycle, which will be a modification of the three-week cycle. This four-week cycle needs to be repeated over and over until the cancer is totally in remission.

(Note: the quantities in this diet are designed for someone who weighs 130 pounds or more. If the patient weighs less that this, they should cut back on the quantities proportionately.)

HCD: The Three-Week Portion of the Cycle

Starting THIS INSTANT, take absolutely NOTHING into your body that is not specifically mentioned in this plan. NOTHING. No smoking, no drinking alcohol, no coffee, no French fries - NOTHING.
There are a number of items in this diet that cannot be bought at a grocery store or health food store. Eat the things you can buy, as you can get them, until you have all of the items in the HCD and they have been incorporated into your diet. (As one exception: if you cannot buy whole purple grapes, use whole black grapes or whole red grapes, with seeds and skin, until you can get the whole purple grapes with seeds and skin.)

Between 8:00 PM (i.e. 2000 hours) and 8:00 AM
Eat absolutely nothing. You may drink "natural water," meaning of course pure spring water, pure artesian well water, or ionized/alkaline water. Make sure your spring water or artesian well water is not treated with chlorine or fluoride. The ozone treatment is the preferred treatment for natural water. Try to drink at least 1 to 2 gallons of natural or ionized water a day, depending on your weight (i.e. not necessarily just before you go to bed or during this time span, but at any time during the day).

Be careful to read the ingredients (i.e. do NOT buy filtered water or distilled water unless it is distilled natural water) and do not rely on the name of the product or the name of the company.

This 12-hour water fast is absolutely critical to the HCD. It is critical that your cancer cells get "hungry" and prepare themselves to consume the next thing that comes along.

Between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM
During these two hours you should consume between one and two quarts of pure "grape mush." "Grape mush" consists of between one and two quarts of "mush." The mush consists of 50% or less of grape juice (see above) and 50% or more of whole purple grapes, with their seeds and skin, gound up in a high quality food processor. If you do not have, and cannot afford, a food processor, then you can grind the purple grape seeds with an inexpensive hand-cranked wheat grinder and eat the rest of the whole purple grapes (and drink the grape juice).

A Word of Warning: Do not drink purple grape juice exclusively as part of the Wortman Diet. All purple grape juice, even organic purple grape juice, is pasteurized by law. This means the enzymes have been destroyed. At least 50% of the grapes you consume, by weight, must be whole grapes (preferably with their seeds). If you cannot afford a food processor or inexpensive wheat grinder, just eat the grapes. If you cannot get purple grapes, then eat red or black grapes.

Do not drink it all at once, sip it and spread it out over the two hours or you may get nauseous.

If you cannot get whole purple grapes, with their seeds and skin, use whole black grapes, with their seeds and skin, or whole red grapes, with their seeds and skin.

For those who cannot swallow the grape mush (due to the grape skins), they can drink 100% grape juice. But in this case make sure it is 100% organic purple grape juice.

Also during this time eat a few whole grapes and then take the "Ellagic Insurance Formula" (I specify a brand name for good reasons -- this brand includes graviola and other things). The Ellagic Acid combines/binds with the glucose in the grapes. You can buy "Ellagic Insurance Formla" at:

Between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM
During this hour eat and drink nothing except natural water (you are clearing the grape mush out of your system, and getting ready for the next attack).

Between 11:00 AM and Noon (i.e. 1200 hours)
During this hour eat and drink nothing but Essiac Tea. Again, do not gulp it down, sip it over the course of the hour. If your Essiac Tea vendor wants it spread over more than one hour, then take what you can during this hour and spread out the rest of it over the five-hour session to be discussed below.

Between Noon and 1:00 PM (i.e. 1300 hours)
During this hour eat and drink nothing except natural water (you are clearing the Essiac Tea out of your system, and getting ready for the next attack).

Between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM
During this hour eat and drink nothing except one quart of Tahitian Noni Juice (Note: Normally I do not specify a brand name, but in this case I believe there is a significant difference between brands of Noni Juice and Tahitian Noni Juice is clearly the standard.). Again, sip it and spread it out over the course of the hour or you may get nauseous.

This is the only really expensive part of the HCD. A quart of Tahitian Noni Juice costs about $40.00 and the preferred dosage is one quart a day. This means it costs about $1,200 a month. The good news is that after you are in remission (i.e. about two months after all symptoms disappear), the "Phase Two" diet only requires 8 ounces of Tahitian Noni Juice a day.

Don't get cheap on this diet and buy substandard products. I do not sell any products in order to avoid bias, but you can generally buy Tahitian Noni Juice locally, wherever you live.

Between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM
During this hour eat and drink nothing except natural water (you are clearing the Noni Juice out of your system, and getting ready for the next attack).

Between 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM ("The Five-Hour Session")
Here is the 5 hours where you can do a lot of things and have a little flexibility.

(One or more of the following) Barleygreen drink, one of the SuperGreen drinks, wheatgrass juice, OR barley grass juice. Also drink some parsley drink. Drink these things several times during these 5 hours.

During this 5 hours make sure you take the Budwig Diet. For the HCD use:
1) 6 tablespoons of cold-processed organic flaxseed oil or 1 cup of walnuts (which contains both omega-3 and ellagic acid), or some combination of these two items, PLUS
2) 2 cups of low fat (preferably organic) cottage cheese (yogart or skim milk can be substituted, but double the volume if you substitute), PLUS
3) you can add as much fresh pineapple as you desire for taste purposes.

Remember that the cottage cheese is just as important as the flaxseed oil and/or walnuts.

I have recently added MGN-3 or MGN3 to this diet. I do this based on testimonials on the internet and emails I have received from cancer patients (or their relatives). MGN-3 is an excellent product and it works fast enough to be included in this diet. Unfortunately, the FDA has added another notch to their gun and has stopped MGN-3 from being sold in the U.S.

Here are the other nutrients that are part of this diet. These should be taken during this 5 hour period:

Group #1 (basically the Rath Cellular Solution, which includes heart disease prevention)

Vitamin C (build up over 2 weeks to 15 grams a day [taken 3 grams at a time, 5 times during the 8 hours you can eat])
L-Lysine (6 grams a day)
L-Proline (2 gram a day)
Green Tea Extract (maximum dosage on bottle label)
L-Arginine (2 gram a day),
Co-enzyme Q-10 (build up to 500 mg)

Group #2 - immunity, antifungal

Organic Germanium - immunity and other key reasons
beta glucan supplement (e.g. Immutol) - immunity
Aloe Vera (strong immunity claims by vendor) or Garlic (prefer bulbs)
Undecylenic Acid - antifungal
Oil of Oregano - antifungal
Grapefruit Seed Extract (do not confuse with Grape Seed Extract) - antifungal

Group #3 - for the liver

Note: Do a colon cleanse BEFORE doing a liver cleanse (to allow the liver to flush) - see Jon Barron book

Milk Thistle Extract (Seeds or Fruit), Dandelion Root, and Artichoke combination (very common)
Bitter Mellon herb
Olive Oil

Group #4 - Other

Chlorella - Start with 5 grams of chlorella a day, and build up to 15 grams a day (diarrhea concerns are the reason for the build-up)
Spirulina - Take 10 grams of spirulina a day
Vitamin B12 - should be taken with the Vitamin C above
Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherols, 2,000 I.U.)
Niacin (build up to 2 gram a day),
MSM (build up to 2,000 mg) - a potent duo with Vitamin C,
Zinc (400 mg a day),
a good multi-vitamin, strong in the B Vitamins and minerals,
a trace elements supplement (e.g. Sea Silver (tm) or Coral Calcium (tm)).

For brain cancer -- take Protocel (note: Protocel conflicts with several other aspects of this diet (e.g. the antioxidant supplements) -- read my article on Protocel, with links, you have a lot of homework to do) COMBINED WITH a quality graviola supplement.

The main "food" during these five hours, during the three weeks of the HCD cycle, is vegetable and fruit juices! There is no way to avoid buying a good quality vegetable juicer. The juicer is important because it makes the nutrients in vegetables and fruits more accessible to your body.

Only one vegetable juice drink a day should be consumed!

During these five hours you should drink a vegetable/fruit cocktail (juice) that consists of:
2/3 quart to 1 quart of carrot juice (depending on your weight),
beet juice (up to 1/4 cup),
beetroot juice (up to 1/4 cup),
one or two juiced heads of cabbage,
cauliflower, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables,
any fruit juice listed below can be added for flavor.

Also, you can drink a separate fruit juice that includes the juice from:
fresh pineapple,
whole strawberries,
red raspberries,
black raspberries,
or other whole berry juices, all of them whole fruits with their seeds and skin.

You can combine other vegetables and fruits with these juices, but at least 80% of the juices should come from the list or be close relatives of the items on this list!

The juices are talked about in the "Raw Food" article, if you want more information: Raw Food article

So what do you do if you are so hungry you have to drink something else? You can drink as many of the fruit juice mixes as you wish. There is no limit within the 5 hour period.

Also remember that the things you do NOT partake of are just as important as the things you DO partake of. Don't partake of anything that is not part of the "Ten Commandments" or the "raw food" diet. However, these three weeks you are focusing on liquids.

As a final note, both the grape cure diet and the HCD may cause a person to experience "distressing symptoms," as Johanna Brandt put it, during the first week or two. A massive change in diet can cause a number of distressing symptoms. Expect it because it will happen quickly.

Also, both the grape cure diet and the HCD may cause a person to lose significant weight at the beginning of the diet. This is normal. However, if a person starts this diet with a low initial weight (e.g. 120 pounds or less), an initial loss of weight may cause justified concern. Use this five hour session to customize a person's diet for their individual situation! In other words, feel free to custom design this five hour session to include foods that will insure the patient does not lose too much weight. For example, a person with a low initial weight may want to eat solid foods during this five hour session every day of the diet. Obviously, it would be best to avoid processed foods, except perhaps for a little cooked meat.

This customization applies not only to a low initial weight, but to any other potential health concern that this diet does not address. For example, a diebetic, or a person at high risk for diabetes, would have to make several major changes to this diet for their individual situation, even outside of the five hour session (e.g. no grape mush, etc.). If the patient is under a doctor's care for something other than cancer, it might be wise to make the doctor aware of how this diet is being implemented.

The important thing to remember is that, if possible, adjustments should be made during this five hour session.

Exercise is critical to this diet, to get both the blood circulating and the lymph system circulating. Realistically, most advanced terminal patients cannot walk very far, especially while on a liquid diet. Do not overextend yourself. But if you cannot walk, then get some hand weights and move your arms while holding the weights. This is probably just as good as walking as far as the lymph system is concerned.

Summary of the Three-Week Section
The three-week section of the HCD rotation is a diet that contains several potent alternative treatments for cancer, which have either proven track records, or superb theory and testing behind them. These include:

1) The Wortman Grape Cure diet after a 12-hour fast
2) Essiac Tea
3) Noni Juice
4) Budwig Diet (flaxseed oil and cottage cheese)
5) MGN-3
6) Vegetable/fruit cocktail (especially the carrot juice, beet juice, beetroot, cabbage and pineapple)
7) Ellagic Acid (Ellagic Insurance Formula includes other good things as well, such as Graviola, Green Tea, OPC, etc.)
8) CoEnzyme Q10 (which is part of the "Ten Commandments")

While some of these treatments build the immunity system, all of them are outstanding at killing cancer cells without needing the immunity system! Never forget that what you don't eat is just as important as what you do eat. Do not eat anything not specifically mentioned in the treatment plan articles that are part of this diet. That is why you need another person to help you stay on this diet. Very few people can handle this diet alone.

(Important Note: Some people may wonder why I include vegetable/fruit cocktail in my list of cancer killing treatments, since it is normally thought of as an immunity system builder. There are three reasons I include it in this diet: first, it is terrific at building the immunity system, which is important when you go off of this diet, second, it keeps you from eating things that would interfere with your diet, and third, and perhaps most important, is enzymes. There are so many enzymes, it is not known yet how important many of them are, but it is clear that they are critical to allowing the body to use all of the other nutrients in this diet!)

A cancer diet is a lifestyle, not a pill-popping session.

HCD: The Fourth-Week Portion of the Cycle
The fourth week of the HCD four-week cycle, is exactly the same as the first three weeks except during the five-hour period.

There are two major reasons for the change. First, is to get a large amount of proteins into your body during this week. Second, is to give your digestive tract a workout.

During the five hour period you still take all of the things listed above, with a few exceptions.

First, instead of drinking vegetable juice and fruit juice, you can eat the same vegetables whole. For example, whole carrots, whole cabbage, whole pineapple, whole blueberries, etc. They should be eatten raw, when possible. As above, 80% of the vegetables and fruits you eat should come from the specific list above.

Also, during these five hours you can eat some cooked vegetables, such as green beans and peas. In other words, you can eat raw fruits and vegetables, and some cooked vegetables.

Also, you can have some whole grains. These can be eatten as whole grain bread, whole grain muffins, brown rice, corn on the cob, frozen corn, etc. Real butter is allowed for flavor and its fats.

Raw, uncooked and unprocessed nuts are also allowed. Do not eat pressure cooked anything. Use good judgment.

Finally, since proteins are so critical during this week, you are also allowed to eat eggs, some lean meat, a moderate amount of fish, beans, and other foods (in moderation) that are high in protein.

There is one amino acid that the body does not manufacture and is illegal to put in supplements (thanks to the corruption in the FDA), L-Tryptophan. Here is an article on how to get L-Tryptophan:

"You may already be aware that having a warm glass of milk or part of a turkey sandwich can make you drowsy when you're having trouble falling asleep. "Certain foods help trigger sleep, especially milk, tuna fish, soybeans, turkey, even eggs...These are all rich in natural L-tryptophan, a sleep-promoting amino acid that acts on the brain to cause drowsiness, and does so more quickly when combined with a carbohydrate like orange juice" writes conservative author Rosenfeld. But if you choose to eat a vegan diet, what are some good food or dietary sources of tryptophan? Try adding the following foods: almonds, cabbage, kidney or lima beans, oats, pistachios, poppy seed, pumpkin seed, spinach, and wheat. Evening primrose seed contains the most tryptophan of a food source."

Final Comments
I want to emphasize these two rules:
2) Have a partner, where they support you several times a day. You cannot do it by yourself!!!

If you have a favorite cancer treatment, feel free to add it during the 5-hour session. However, there are some cancer diets that simply cannot be combined with the HCD, such as the Breuss diet. And don't forget the spiritual aspects of the "Ten Commandments."

Finally, for those dealing with elderly people, it might be best to start with a few simple things, and then gradually build up to the full treatment, if they are expected to live long enough for a gradual implementation. For example, you might start with:
Key Budwig elements (flaxseed oil and cottage cheese)
Wortman Diet (which only involves fasting and purple grape mush for breakfast)
Tahitian Noni Juice (if you cannot afford it, take out a loan, it is that important), 1 quart a day,
Ellagic Insurance Formula,
Abstinence from all bad things (sugar, refined flour, coffee, etc.)
Some of the supplements, especially Co-Q10, MSM and a good multi-vitamin supplement.

Depending on the circumstances, the person can start with a small part of the diet and build up quickly or slowly from this small beginning.



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