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Over the last century, a number of successful cancer treatments have been discovered. Dr. Royal R. Rife discovered that carcinoma and sarcoma are viral diseases. He learned how to kill the viruses with frequency devices, and had a very high success rate with 16 consecutive recoveries of late-stage patients using frequencies above 11,000,000 Hz.

Dr. William Donald Kelley said that cancer was a lack of protein digesting enzymes. One of his former patients once told me that Kelley had her take "handfuls" of a certain enzyme formula as part of the treatment. (The name of the fomula has been removed for legal reasons.) Kelley's program worked very well with a reported 80% success rate with late-stage patients.

Dr. Hulda Clark states that toxins and parasites are the primary issues. Good reports are coming from some who use her program too.

Dr. A. Keith Brewer also put together an explanation of the cause of carcinoma and sarcoma along with a successful program. Brewer did extensive research in the area of cell membranes and their ability to pass nutrients. According to Dr. Brewer, cancer develops when:

1. Carcinogenic materials attach to the outer surface of the cell membrane. (Possibly Rife's viruses also are part of this, as well as Clark's parasite toxins.) The membrane is altered and can no longer pass certain materials.

2. The cell membrane can no longer pass magnesium, calcium, or sodium. As oxygen transport depends on calcium and magnesium, the cell becomes very oxygen deficient. The membrane can still pass potassium, rubidium and cesium, however. As glucose transport depends on potassium, the cell is well supplied with glucose. In the absence of oxygen, the glucose is fermented into lactic acid. The fluids in the cell cannot maintain a normal pH of 7.35 or so, and drift down toward 7.0 and even 6.5. (This should not be confused with urine or saliva pH which are a different matter.)

3. In the acid environment, DNA, RNA, and amino acids are altered and the cancer cell's control mechanisms fail.

4. In the acid environment, normal cellular enzymes are changed into strong toxins which leak out and poison the patient causing many of the typical cancer symptoms. These toxins also act as carcinogens.

CONCLUSION: A high pH therapy of cesium salts can be used to force the cancer cell to go a pH of 8.0 or higher. Cesium is the most alkaline nutritional mineral. Other nutrients are also used to help the cells absorb more cesium. (See below.)

CLUE: A study of mice who were fed rubidium salts found that rubidium reduced tumors to 1/11th the size of tumors in untreated mice. Cesium has produced similar results.

CLUE: In areas where local people eat a diet and drink water high in rubidium and cesium, cancer is very rare. Examples are the Hopi who still eat their traditional diet, and the Hunza. Both groups also eat apricots with the kernels which contain nitriles that aid in the absorption of cesium.

TWO WEEK EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH PROGRAM: (In addition to enzymes, killing the virus, desired medical treatment, etc.)

2 grams (2000 mg)of cesium chloride or cesium carbonate in water twice a day WITH MEALS.

100-200 mg of potassium should be taken with the cesium. Also use high potassium foods such as potatoes, bananas, orange juice, fresh carrot juice etc. Extra potassium may be needed. Monitor potassium levels with blood tests.

2 grams (2000 mg) of ascorbic acid three times a day with meals.

25,000 units of Vitamin A twice a day with meals.

50 mg of zinc as gluconate or chloride twice a day.

200 mcg of selenium per day.

Eat 5 apricot kernels three times a day.

Use MSM if tolerated.

If possible, monitor the chemistry with Nutri-Spec testing. It is necessary to monitor potassium levels with blood tests. Uric acid levels may also rise if tumors are being reabsorbed by the body.

RESULTS: Dr. Hellfried Santori (who now resides at Virginia's Buckingham Correctional Center) treated 50 terminal patients with a program like this with very good results. Also, a researcher who I will not name is currently reporting that an experimental program like this is producing good results with solid tumors such as carcinoma and sarcoma.

CAUTION: Cesium chloride is not toxic in these amounts but it can cause stomach upset. Take with meals! Patients who chose to try this program must be under a physician's care and potassium levels must be monitored! Cesium will compete with potassium and large doses of potassium may be needed. Patients may experience temporary numbness of the lips and tip of nose. People with high blood pressure or other heart conditions must be under a physician's supervision to use cesium. Extra magnesium may also be needed. It takes months for the body to eliminate these high amounts of cesium. Contact your physician if increased fatigue, irregular heartbeat, muscle cramps, or blood pressure changes occur. This program is not FDA approved and this material is presented to encourage further research not to replace medical care. Those who believe they have cancer are urged to consult with a physician.

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